This is our 100th episode. Thanks for listening for the last (almost) two years and thanks for friendship! 

Special thanks to our sponsors, Sinasoid ( and Gabriel Tenorio String Co. 

And thanks to Andy and Gabriel for being awesome dudes and good friends. 


Thanks also to our Patrons for their support. 


Here are some cool brands we've worked with in the last 100 weeks: 

Killer Otter Electric (makers of the Party Animal, the best muff on the market) 

Pelican Noiseworks (makers of the Pelitaur and Half Horse fuzzes, two of the coolest boxes in existence)

Equitz Guitars (Kevin makes beautiful machines with individual players in mind. We love Kevin.)

Lollygagger Effects (maker of the Canaglia, and the upcoming Cherry Box and Corto)

Caroline Guitar Company (Some of the coolest, most unique pedals around. Phillipe is a master of originality)

Solid Gold FX (makers of the Surf Rider III Reverb, and tons of other amazing stompboxes)

Thanks for being part of the journey, guys, 


And to you, our listener, thanks for friendship. 

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