What is life and why? 

This episode is about tube screamers and tabloids; the end of an era; imagine a map folding into and over itself time and time again.

The map is your soul.

The folds are the hours and minutes and seconds of your life, ever repeating.

We owe you nothing; you have no control.

Control is always automatic. 

Our great war is a class war. Our great depression is our lives. 

You are not what you own. 

Peace. Love. Death to Tone. 

Remember Woodstock '94? And how it was a perfect symbol of the way the excess of the 80s had shaped Generation X into a band of entitled pseudo-hippy anti-intellectual exhibitionist nihilist sell-outs? You really think 1969 was any better? It was all an illusion. Same as it ever was. 

Same as it ever was. 

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